Consultancy services

The CRN UK has expertise in many areas of the resource recovery sector from brokering collections between national businesses and re-use organisations to working with local authorities to develop a thriving community sector.

Our staff have a great deal of experience in advising business, the public sector and other social enterprises on engaging with community waste organisations, material collections and wider waste issues.

We also have consultants from within the sector with a range of specific skills and experience who can work in association with the CRN to deliver consultancy on their area of expertise.


We have a expertise in a variety of disciplines within the waste and resources sector and have experience as consultants both in Famework contracts and directly to local authorities and other organisations. In particular CRN UK can provide consultancy on:

  • Research and Development of EMA
  • Business and office collections – re-use, recycling and composting
  • Local authority collection schemes – re-use, recycling and composting
  • Composting – small scale composting particularly on-site or community scale
  • Partnership development between local authority and the community sector
  • Healthcare waste
  • Re-use solutions for unusual waste streams
  • Textiles re-use

We also have considerable expertise in providing business support to the community and social enterprise sectors including:

  • Business planning
  • Capacity building
  • Governance and mangement issues
  • Budgeting, finance and funding
  • Writing tenders and bidding for contracts
  • Partnership development

Brokering and negotiation

We have a lot of experience in developing partnerships between Local Authorities and the Community Sector and between different groups within the community sector to build capacity.

Brokerage often takes time and a full understanding of the issues involved but having experience means we understand what issues are likely to be raised and solutions that have worked in previous cases.

Presentations and Public Speaking

CRN staff often get asked to attend events and speak about the work of the sector, its achievements and its social impact. If you would like us to speak at your event or run a workshop please contact us.

Waste Auditing

We carry out waste audits specifically for the healthcare sector however please do contact us if you are from a different sector. We can help you conduct a waste audit, concentrating on reducing waste and exploring the potential for the ‘domestic’ waste stream (black bag waste and bulky waste.) We will agree with you the exact focus and scope of your audit, and  follow up with a report and analysis.